When damage to your tooth is too severe for a filling, the dentist may recommend a crown. Designed to reinstate stability, a crown fits snugly over a prepared tooth. We will place your custom crown in just two appointments.

Types of Crowns

Depending on the location of your damaged tooth, we may select an all ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal, or gold crown. Porcelain crowns match natural tooth enamel, so we often place these restorations on teeth show when a person smiles. Your dentist may choose a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown for middle or back teeth because it looks better than a completely metal crown, and it offers more durability than an all-ceramic crown. For back teeth that endure intense pressure, we will usually suggest a gold or alloy metal crown.

Placing a Crown

During your first visit, Dr. Hoover and Dr. Smith will remove decay and reshape your damaged tooth. The next step is taking an impression of the prepared tooth and placing a temporary crown. Our respected dental lab will fabricate your custom, permanent restoration and deliver it to our office. At your follow-up visit, the dentist will remove your temporary and place the permanent crown.

Crowns Austin Before Crowns Austin After

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