Oral Surgery and Extractions

Certain issues related to the teeth, mouth, jaws, and face may require oral surgery. Dr. Hoover and Dr. Smith has advanced training and can perform oral surgery, such as extractions, cosmetic gum surgery, and periodontal therapy, in our Austin dental center. Because we offer sedation dentistry, patients can rest comfortably while we complete treatment.

One of the most common types of oral surgery is tooth extraction. We want patients to keep their original teeth as long as they can, but certain situations make that scenario impossible. You may need an extraction to remove a tooth that cannot be saved by root canal therapy, to prepare for full or partial dentures, or if your wisdom teeth are impacted or cause crowding. Before the procedure, the dentist will review your case and explain the recommended therapy.

If you need gum surgery, either for cosmetic enhancements or as part of periodontal treatment, Dr. Hoover and Dr. Smith may recommend laser dentistry as a minimally invasive therapy. With cosmetic gum surgery, we can make your gum line even or, for a gummy smile, allow more tooth enamel to show. As a treatment for periodontal disease, Dr. Hoover and Dr. Smith can use laser gum surgery to remove periodontal infection so that healthy gum tissue will reattach to teeth. With laser dentistry, patients experience minimal trauma and bleeding, and faster healing.


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